Mid-Week Walk

Aberford, Parlington and Becca Banks

Another 3½ mile walk that we have not attempted since 2014 because there had been a dispute between a farmer and the Council’s footpaths officer.

We start from the main street in Aberford before walking along the fly line, a railway that brought coal from the Parlington mines to the Great North Road.

A small diversion from the main route takes us to Nellie’s Tree which was the UK’s tree of the year in 2018. A beech tree was grafted into an N-shape to woo a sweetheart called Nellie. Vic Stead did the grafting nearly a hundred years ago on his way to meet Nellie.

We also pass the Triumphal Arch which was built by Sir Thomas Gascoigne in 1783 to commemorate the American Victory in the War of Independence. There is a story, possibly untrue, that George III was due to visit Parlington but saw the arch, turned his coach around and had lunch elsewhere.

We also pass close to Becca Hall and walk alongside Becca Banks built during the late Bronze Age but whose purpose the experts disagree about.

We meet in the church car park at 9.30am.
Please contact me (2937403 or b.livesey@ntlworld.com) for more information.

Charity Number 1131904

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