“What do you bring to the table?” an art installation in St. Edmund’s Church

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‘STEPPING UP TO THE TABLE’ by David Honeybone with ceramics by Margaret Glackin is now in the chancel.

Inspired by images of the Last Supper, the table in the chancel is laid for 13 people.  At 11 of the places there is a book briefly telling the story of how one member at the church has come to be part of this community.  Each of them chose a chair to be at the ir place that is either directly or indirectly connected to their story.

The other 2 places, for Jesus and Judas have empty books suggesting perhaps that although we think we know their stories, there are many still to be understood or yet to be written.  The chair and stool at these places were chocen to represent this – one is from an obvious place, the other’s origin will be a mystery.

Please sit at the table, open the books, read the stories and contemplate what you bring to the table.