Prayer at St Edmund’s church

Prayer is a vital part of our worship together at St Edmund’s. We thank God and seek his guidance to serve and care for each other and our local and wider communities.  We have bi-monthly prayer breakfasts on a Saturday morning at 8.30a.m. and twice monthly “Julian” meetings (named after a famous early Christian, Julian of Norwich) on a Tuesday afternoon at 2p.m. 


Prayer Requests

      • These can be made by completing one of the slips on the table by the main North entrance to the church.
      • If you would like someone to be prayed for (with their permission) in church, please complete one of the WHITE paper slips and place it in the blue prayer request box on that table.
      • For the anniversary of a death of a loved one to be remembered in church services, please complete one of the YELLOW cards and place it in the blue prayer request box on the table.
      • For prayer requests to be prayed CONFIDENTIALLY for two weeks (or longer if requested), please contact the Prayer Circle instead. A leaflet with Prayer Circle contact details is available on the table by the North entrance. The Prayer Circle is a team of 10 church members who guarantee to keep your request confidential and will pray each day for at least two weeks or longer if you ask.
      • THE PEACE ROOM in the Church Hall is a quiet, reflective space for prayer and stillness. It is on the right as you enter the main entrance from the car park, and is open at all times when the Hall is open for activities. Prayers left on the prayer tree will be left there for 1 month. Prayer requests put in the box on the cupboard in the Peace Room will be prayed confidentially by the Prayer Circle. Prayer requests made in the Peace Room are NOT prayed in church. All are welcome to step out of the hustle & bustle of life and into this peaceful space. Come & try it.


If you cannot get to church then please use the form on the contact page (see below) and the message will be passed on to the Prayer Circle team.

Please feel you can surround yourself with prayer at any times of illness, particular difficulty or challenge.

Morning Prayer

is said on Monday to Friday each week from 8.30-9am. and also at 9.10a.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Entrance to church is via the north transept door.  All are welcome to join in saying Morning Prayer

Julian meetings

are in the church at 2pm on the first and third Tuesdays each month. Each meeting starts with a short reading followed by half-an-hour of silent prayer ending with music and a cuppa.   Would you value some peace and quiet?  Give us a try. Contact Sarah Meredith on 0113 288 8784 to find out more.

St Edmund’s Prayer Diary 

As Christians we are all called to the ministry of prayer and the Prayer Diary is one way of helping us to focus our prayers as day by day we pray for God’s blessing on St Edmund’s mission and ministry, the life of the parish, the needs of our city and the wider world.

Each day we pray for a different street and in one month cover the whole parish in prayer. We also pray daily for people and activities, our links across the world and the work of the special charities St Edmund’s has chosen to support this year.

Click here to download our prayer diary:

Some digital aids to the bible and Christian living suggested by Reverend Nigel.

Touch Bible (Free)  By Patrick Franklin – Touch Bible gives you the Bible without using your Data – Study Material + Multitasking Audio Bible that works with Apple Watch. It includes Modern English Bibles and the KJV!

Prayer Notebook (£1.50)  By Kalon Creative – Journal & Daily Devotions – an iPhone app that allows you to set daily reminders so you can make all the prayers you intend to. It also synchs with email and social media, so you can send a quick message telling a friend that you just finished paying for him or her. All prayers are password protected.

                                                       and for children and teenagers:

Children’s Bible Books & Movies | Family & School (from free to £6.99By Barcelona Multimedia – a great way to engage children, teenagers and all the family, with the bible through comics, picture books, movies and graphic novels for the teenagers.

If you have any particular favourites, do let me know. I will provide details of more apps and other electronic media tools next month but do get in touch in the meantime with Revd Nigel if you would like any help or guidance on prayer and bible materials, electronic or paper copy!

If you have a prayer request or need please complete the form on the Contact Page:

Click here to visit the Church of England’s prayer page