Partner churches in Roundhay

St Edmund’s has a Covenant with its partner churches in Roundhay – St Andrew’s United Reformed Church (Shaftesbury Avenue, Roundhay) and Lidgett Park Methodist Church (North Park Avenue, Roundhay).   We have made a commitment to know and value each other and to work, worship and pray together.  

Our Covenant was made in 2001 and it is renewed every year at a united morning worship service.   We also have a united service of evening worship every month.  Together we organise a walk of witness each year on Good Friday and a sunrise service in Roundhay Park on Easter Sunday morning.

The three Covenanting Churches are also part of Churches Together in Roundhay, together with The Immaculate Heart of Mary Roman Catholic Church (Harrogate Road) and the Friends’ Meeting House – Quakers (Street Lane).    Representatives from the five churches meet regularly to share news and co-ordinate activities.

Through Churches Together in Roundhay we are part of Leeds Churches Together in Mission (LICTiM) and West Yorkshire Ecumenical Council (WYEC).

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