Other activities

Other activities include monthly coffee mornings, gardening and maintaining the church grounds and a regular Traidcraft stall.  Traidcraft, a Christian initiative, was established in 1979 with a mission to help people out of poverty through trade.  Traidcraft and its associated development charity, Traidcraft Exchange, work on principles of trade justice and concern for people and the environment.



Other-activities-inset-3 Coffee mornings are held from 10am to 12 noon in Church usually on the 4th Saturday in the month.  There are often stalls selling cards, cakes and Traidcraft products. Sometimes there may be a “swishing” party where clothes are brought and exchanged. 

The extensive church grounds are maintained by a small group and are open to all; gardening sessions are organised each year.  Members of the group volunteer to look after a small section of the grounds. The group is working with the Green Group to make the grounds more eco-friendly.

Please click here and complete the enquiry form if you would like to help with the grounds: