The Green Group was set up by St Edmund’s in 2011 in response to the Diocesan initiative ‘Caring for God’s Earth’.  The group aims to reduce the carbon footprint of St Edmund’s by taking initiatives in worship, at a practical level and by working in partnership with the local community.


Since it started the Green Group has used the Eco-congregation materials as a way of prioritising activities.

In July 2013, after much hard work by members, St Edmund’s was awarded Eco-congregation status.

Then considerable work followed and in 2016 the church gained the Bronze Eco Church Award.  This was presented in March 2017.

The group meets about every 6 weeks and welcomes new members; if you would like to know more please do get in touch.


Activities have included:

  • running a wildlife survey
  • working more closely with the fabric and hall committees within the church
  • working with clergy on Environment Sunday and Creation season services
  • set up the Green resource library
  • transport to church survey
  • lobbied our M.P.Fabian Hamilton about climate change policy
  • vigil for COP21 Paris Climate Conference
  • lobbying about CofE investment policies
  • mass lobby of MPs in London
  • written questions to all candidates on climate change in advance of the election in 2015
  • Garden party fundraising for Ecuador Rainforest and another for Greenbelt in Africa

 Click here to retrieve the Church’s Environmental Policy.


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