St. Edmund’s is available for funerals or memorial services for anyone from the parish.  Even if you or your loved one has not been a regular churchgoer, you would be very welcome.  The clergy at St Edmund’s also regularly conduct funerals at crematoria.

We will work with you to make the service for your loved one as personal and meaningful as possible.

The servery at the back of church is available if you wish to offer refreshments at the back of church after the service. Tables and folding chairs are also available if required.  

We hold an annual memorial service in church during which loved ones are remembered by name.

Please contact us if you would like more information.

Preparing for our own funeral can help our families know our wishes.  A form to help with this can be downloaded here.

Bereavement Visiting

The experience of bereavement is quite normally a painful and difficult one.  It can be a lonely and confusing time. It is sometimes good to talk in confidence to someone other than family about how you are feeling. The bereavement may be recent or may have happened many years ago.  St. Edmund’s has a bereavement team who can offer a listening ear for people living with loss.

The Bereavement Visitors’ team can offer:-

  • a listening ear “a gentle offering of being alongside.”
  • an invitation to the next Memorial of All Souls Service.
  • an offer to accompany you to this service.
  • information / access to other local support groups as may be appropriate.

If you would like someone to get in touch please contact us.

Please click here to contact us for more information.