Flower arranging in church

The flower group is divided into teams co-ordinated by Christine Hinchcliffe.  Volunteers take it in turns to take responsibility for flower arranging in church and look after them on a fortnightly basis. The funding of the flowers is by donation.

The flower group encourages new members who are guided by an experienced arranger in the art of flower arranging. The team of 18 volunteers relate the flowers to the liturgical seasons with special emphasis given to the festivals of Easter, Harvest and Christmas.  There are no flowers in church during Lent and Advent.

Flowers for weddings, funerals and special occasions can be arranged at St Edmund’s church. Flowers can be sponsored in church by donation (suggested £15).  If you wish you can place a short note in the church’s weekly newssheet explaining that the flowers on show are sponsored in memory of someone  or to celebrate something.

Flower-arranging-in-church-inset Flower-arranging-in-church-inset-2

For more information please contact Christine Hinchcliffe,
0113 293 3154 or email